May 3, 2012

guest post: Credits for the puppy

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7:30 am..! The alarm clock keeps ringing in a nerve racking way while few sun rays have just started to appear through the curtains. Lisa needs to wake up not only because she has a boss that never compromises with her delay, but also ’cause there is a cute black Mini Pincher, called Cinna waiting for her morning walk, trying to be patient and obedient.

She decides to put on something pretty and loose like her favorite yellow jumpsuit,that matches the spring spirit and the warm weather that “has shown his face” during the last couple of days. With her turquoise visor and her colorful sunglasses, strides the road, being excited for her daily walk in the fresh air.

Little Cinna ( shorter version of Cinnamon given that she loses her mind in front of the alluring smell of cinnamon tea filling the house’s atmosphere) examines every small part of her world, trying to receive as much data as she can..from the place, the people, the the ones of the crispy bones that lie inside Lisa’s bag and increase her appetite! She is striking with her pink leash shining in the sun and making her look even more adorable as it contrasts with her glossy black fur.

All of a sudden, Cinna observes a white Terrier passing the road and starts running towards her possible mate! Lisa loses her self-control and the possession of the dog, who jumps on some dirty muddy rainwater that has remained from last week’s showers, turning her turquoise plimsolls brown!

Furious due to the incident, tries to think of a good punishment for Cinna until she meets the handsome owner of the male white Terrier.

Lisa: I’m really sorry. I never lose her possession. I must have been distracted or something..

Man: I surely don’t blame you. The spring spirit has probably stolen her mind. And she’s not the only one influenced. Believe me..

Lisa: You’re right. She definitely has a strong animal instinct.

Man: Yes. Fortunately, she has the right one. I hope that her owner has the same insight about the others too..

Endless chatting, electrifying atmosphere with lots of giggles,two puppies playing around and the end of the story is up to you..!

By Baby Panther aka Tim Krag

(product finds and photo collage by Gertrude)

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