June 7, 2012

“Green with Envy”


Her garden is her personal shelter. Anna never felt more calm and relaxed. Everybody has a hobby and for her, gardening is the ultimate way to escape from daily routine which is stuffed with problems, 2 children and a husband.

In a way, she considers her tasks to be like an ancient tradition, a ritual that has its proper rules to follow. Every single plant has its own chalkboard label, where its name is written with capital letters. Her watering can keeps moving all the time trying to “feed” all the attendants of the scenery, while she moves fast like a fairy in between the trees of the magical forest. This dance is characterized by the fine movements of her apple pleated cotton skirt that twirls in the air and her leather mint shoes that flow over the ground.

15:00 pm

The sky is clean, but her thoughts are clouded by her permanent stress, the fact that she has a secret to keep locked deep inside her heart. With her wide Japanese trowel she removes the wet soil in order to plant new herbs, wishing that it could be so easy to rip her indecent thoughts out of her mind like she does with the weeds trying to strangle her plants. The temperature is high and as a result, she takes off her hat to use it as fan.

The scene has remained indelible on her mind. It was 2 years ago at her birthday party..

Tom: I am telling you..It is a matter of time. I will proceed with the divorce procedures and then we will live together like we always wanted to..

Emma: I hope that my sister doesn’t have a clue about all this. I love you and I am tired to keep meeting you in secret eternally.

Tom: Don’t worry, she is clueless. She is in the garden, priding herself to the neighbors for her creations.

The chimayo pot slips off her hands and falls into pieces. Her tears start to roll down at her cheeks, when she decides to remain decent and say nothing. With her fake smile, she goes out calling everyone inside to taste her lovely cake.

Anna never tasted that cake made by her own hands. She thinks that “Revenge is sweet and not fattening”. She will wait until the right moment comes.

A betrayed woman with a “black” intention, an elaborate garden that solely knows the Plan and the story remains to be continued..Stay tuned!

                                                                                            By Tim Krag 

(product finds and photo collage by Gertrude)

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