November 8, 2012

“Did you hear the news?”


Leila and Mike go to the library every Thursday afternoon after school to study for the weekly math test they are having. Well, this afternoon would be totally different from all the others that have passed or may come..

She was wearing a simple gray singlet, matching her black deep pockets skirt and reminding us of the hot weather, a really abnormal one for a November. Her striped backpack was full of books, heavy as stones and another item, which I will hold as a secret for a while.

All cheered up and without a mood for studying, they were walking towards the entrance of the building, when a sudden noise of a shot broke the silence and sowed panic everywhere. People were screaming, heading towards every direction, without knowing if they should stop and hide somewhere or keep running.

Her leopard lace-up sneakers were a good choice as they were light enough in order to run for salvation.

Leila: Maybe somebody tried to steal something from the library or from a store near the building.

Mike: I doubt that. There’s nothing so valuable in here. In addition, the next bank is miles away from the spot.

 The journalists were gathering around the area like vultures over dead bodies. The cameras were recording the mayhem at the streets. The sun was blinding and Leila even with her clear lens sunglasses, she couldn’t distinguish the young journalist speaking in front of the camera. But the voice from the microphone was pretty clear.

 A young man decided to set an end to his life inside the Public Library building some minutes ago using a shotgun. Students, workers and pedestrians terrified from the sound of the shot and considering it as a terrorist attack are surging through the streets…”

 After hearing the news, Leila felt that she was about to vomit. Mike removed the purple-hued scarf off her neck, so she could breath more easily and asked her to sit down.

Who was the boy that killed himself? Maybe it was one of their classmates that was waiting for them inside. Or maybe it was just an unknown guy. The sky went dark and Leila was about to pass out. She definitely needed her diabetic injections that were inside her backpack but hardly anyone knows about her disease. What is she going to do?

The elastic hairbands she was holding fall on the ground together with her unconscious body a couple of seconds later..

 To be continued…

 By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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