December 6, 2012

“Coffee Anyone?”

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08.08 am

The room is really cold this morning as the last night’s heat from the radiator has slipped away under the doors and in between the window gaps. Jane opens her eyes and wishes that the day she will pass in the job may be less tiring than usual.

She grabs and puts on a linen melange top that is quite heavy and over-sized  ideal to keep the air trapped and warmed up close to her body. The traditional coffee mill in the kitchen stands next to the modern coffee machine that has already started boiling water.

 Matthias is still asleep as always. Before she jumps into the shower, she sits for a while on the sofa and covers herself with the cashmere throw enjoying the first coffee sip of the day. The black liquid inside the stack mug is too hot and bitter, making her grimace disgusted.

 M: Honey, where are you? Are you gone?

 J: I’m in the living room. And I’ve just burned my tongue, I guess.

 M: Come over here.

 Jane runs on her tipi-toes towards the bed and lands inside Matthias’ hug. He spreads his hand over her velvet high waist brief and kisses her with passion.

 J: I’m not in the mood for something like that. If only you could guess how much work is waiting for me at the office..

 M: When did girls stop being romantic and now exchange a morning hug for a hot cup of coffee?

 J: Just around the time when boys fall asleep during movie nights or even during board game afternoons.

 Jane brings up the empire domino story when Matthias ended up sleeping on the couch with his head lying onto the game’s box. He pretends not to remember that incident and she throws a pillow at him starting a fight. As he’s much bigger than her, the victory in this match would be a piece of cake. He clutches her arm and brings her upon him. The frantic couple after some meaningless attempts to prevail over each other, now lies on the floor.

 The bitter taste of the coffee has gone. A rejuvenating kiss has taken its place and it’s undoubtedly accepted that there could have never been a better morning awakening than this one..

 So..Coffee anyone?

By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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