April 10, 2012

boy or girl?

one.Aquatic Series T-Shirt from Zara Kids/ two.Stripe Rabbit from Liberty London/ three.Striped Swimming trunks from Zara Kids/ four.Baby Slippers from Zara Home Kids/ five.The Colouring Book from Liberty London/

 Daddy is waiting to meet the new member,but nobody tells him which is the gender!The belly is growing but what is inside,mum doesn’t know,she couldn’t decide! To our lovely friends,wishing the best!

one.Cherry Gem Clic Clacs from Accessorize/ two.Velour Shorts from Zara Kidsthree.Stripes Sweatshirt from Smallable/ four.Plage Sandals from Elias & Grace/ five. Cashmere Blanket from Elias & Grace

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