February 8, 2016

athena for karavan clothing

athena_karavan1 athena_karavan2 athena_karavan3 athena_karavan4 in this photo: Karavan Clothing ”Miriam Penansky” shirt and Asos tule skirt.



in this photo: Karavan Clothing ”Moses” mini dress, Zara fur and Stradivarius turban 

athena_karavan7 athena_karavan8

in this photo: Karavan Clothing “Dona Rosita Morillo” oversized coat and “Virginia” skirt.

athena_karavan9 athena_karavan10 athena_karavan11

in this photo: Karavan Clothing “Lucha Maria” checked coat, Zara fur and LIndy Bop floral dress.

athena_karavan12 athena_karavan13

in this photo: Zara fur and Blu Cloud Industries milkshake brooch

athena_karavan14 athena_karavan15 athena_karavan16

muse and model: Athena Koutromanos, photography: Gertrude Gary Milk

(post created especially for teapot.gr, La Mysterieuse Bibliothecaire, and Karavan Clothing)

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