December 7, 2014

arts & crafts / 6: cupcake toppers!


No this isn’t a Valentine’s Day do-it-yourself! This is how we like to serve our freshly baked cupcakes, because we are that kind of girls! Arty and colourful!


If you are anything like us, and love to dress your rat race up, make these easy cupcake toppers and say hello to your friends and colleagues with a little heart!


materials: construction paper or yardstick, 2. toothpicks, 3. scissors, 4.glue, 5.freshly baked cupcakes


step by step: using your scissors cut out 10 heart depending on how many you want to make. Stick the toothpick on the back side of a paper heart and then stick a second paper heart on top of the toothpick. Place your toppers on your cupcakes and make everyone happy!


On a diet? That’s totally fine, take the toothpick heart and leave the cupcake!


photography Gertrude Gary Milk, project execution Gelly K. Rais

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3 thoughts on “arts & crafts / 6: cupcake toppers!

  1. Κάτια

    Όταν σoυ προσφέρουν το cupcake
    με αυτό το χαμόγελο ξεχνάς τη δίαιτα.


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