May 22, 2013

arts & crafts / 4 : frilly mousepads

Today’s Arts ans Craft column is dedicated to those who spend most of their time working and creating in front of a PC and in the middle of the day find their inspiration killed by an impersonal mouse-pad!It’s true…we had a previous experience and here is the process we followed to cheer up the atmosphere in the office!

things you will need :

  • pins
  • thread
  • needle
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • ikea round mouse-pad

the procedure:

To start out cut your ribbon to the desired length. You will need approximately the double length of your mouse-pad’s circumference.Thread your needle and start sewing your ribbon with a simple running stitch.Then pull¬†gently the thread as you slide the ribbon down the thread to gather the ribbon. As it gathers it will form a little circle. Continue stitching and gathering until you have enough ribbon gathered to cover your mouse-pad’s circumference.When you have finish pin the ribbon at the bottom side of you mouse-pad and cut the edges you don’t need.By pinning the ribbon you’ll be able to to sew it easier on the mouse-pad and it’s ready!Good luck!

photos by Gertrude

art direction and crafting Gelly and Gertrude

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