March 26, 2013

arts & crafts / 3 : Leaf Bookmark

 One Friday evening I met Gelly by chance out of a bookstore in the city center.We were both holding our tote bags filled with books for our weekend.After a quick  literary chat we decided to replace our paper bookmarks with personalized leather ones and feature this project on our next arts & crafts column!

 things you will need :

  • leather pieces or leather scraps
  • leaves in different shapes
  • scissors
  • pen
  • safety pin

the procedure :

With a pen trace the outline of the leaf shape on the backside of the leather piece you want to use for your bookmark.Cut out the leaf shape and using your safety pin add a few veins on the front side of the leather.Your bookmark is ready!

Make a bunch of these easy,leather,leaf,bookmarks and put them between the pages of the books you’ll offer as a gift to friends!

photos by Gertrude 

art direction and crafting Gelly and Gertrude

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