November 26, 2012

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Today at teapot we are trying our very first DIY post to welcome the Christmas Period.We made,in partnership with Gelly and Julie,orange pomanders,a traditional craft,dating back to the Middle Ages.Whole oranges embellished with cloves freshen our home with their welcoming citrus scent and make a beautiful natural holiday ornament .

        things you will need:

  • firm oranges
  • whole cloves
  • ribbon in beautiful festive colors
  • scissors

the procedure:

To make the pomander tie a ribbon around the orange and use it as a guide.Then stud the it with whole,stemmed cloves.Try to be creative during the procedure and arrange the cloves in different patterns or just cover the whole orange with cloves.After you have finished replace the ribbon with a new and bigger one and make a beautiful bow.

the use:

As the orange dries,without getting moldy,it reacts with the cloves and releases a delicate and spicy Christmas fragrance that can last for up to one year.You can hang them in closets,cupboards or display them as a festive decoration in bowls and platters.

photography: Julie Georgantidou, art direction and crafting : Gelly and Gertrude 

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