April 11, 2013

An unpredictable ending” / Part I


Myriam was in the kitchen preparing a traditional Italian dinner that was her husband’s favorite. He was from Sicily and he loved Mediterranean salads with olive oil. The pizza with onions and anchovies was in the oven. She was now beating some eggs for her famous ‘parfait alle mandorle’, a dessert which is special thanks to the two tablespoons of Italian liquor ‘Amaretto di Saronno’ that it contains.

Wearing her pleated cotton skirt isn’t the smartest choice when you are beating eggs, but the time has passed and Alfredo will soon be at home. As a housewife who loves fashion, she knows how to match her short sleeved tailored T with a tassel necklace full of pearls.

 Her cellphone was ringing,so she left the bowl with the smashed eggs in order to reach her leather and raffia shoulder bag and answer the call. It was her best friend, Marilyn.

 Marilyn : Where are you? I am trying to reach you all day long. I also called at work but they told me that you took the day off. What happened?

 Myriam : It is my wedding anniversary today and I am preparing a special dinner for Alfredo. I have to leave you now because he will arrive in any minute. I’ll call you later. Bye.

 Unfortunately, Marilyn could not know that it was the last time that she had heard the voice of her best friend, as something terrible would take place that night.

 The spotted mugs were finely put in a row, the one next to the other, forming a colorful parade. The noise that the garden gate made while opening, signaled the arrival of her husband.

 Or to be more precise, that is what Myriam thought at that moment. Running towards her room to put on her brown leather slingbacks, she was almost ready for the big night. The dessert would be served after they have taken their first two dishes.

 With a flawless make-up, she gave a glance at the mirror and went to the front door to welcome her lovely ‘husby’. However, the floor was still wet and slippery, given that she was cleaning half an hour earlier. As a result, she fell down and she landed clumsily on the sparkling parquet.

 From the spot she was, she could distinguish from the window next to the door two black boots walking on the grass. The man was getting closer and he was holding something metallic and shiny. He was definitely not her husband..

To be continued…

By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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