April 26, 2013

An unpredictable ending / Part 3


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 …in fairy tales there’s always a happy ending, but in real life things turn out to be bad. However, since I am the writer of this story, I will choose an unpredictable but joyful ending for my readers.

 Alfredo was at work until 5 o’clock and then decided to have a walk before he returned back home. During his walk, he was thinking about his marriage anniversary, while listening to his favorite Jazz song on his iphone.

 While he was walking and singing carefree, a terrible incident was taking place at his house. A burglar was threatening his wife’s best friend with a gun, while his beloved wife Myriam was running towards him holding a broken vase piece.

 The dangerous scamp noticed the thoughtless movement of the woman and he shot her at her knee. Myriam was bleeding and at the sight of her blood, she passed out. Now, her friend was desperate and helpless.

 Alfredo’s walk came to end when he got back into his car. Wearing his navy vans, he was feeling so relaxed. His suit was lying on the back seat, together with his canvas lunch bag. Cotton shorts are really comfortable during a walk but now the temperature has fallen down dramatically and the first raindrops appeared on his window. The only thing he wanted was to have a peaceful dinner with his wife into a cosy atmosphere..

 Unfortunately, the moment he took the key-chain off his pocket, he heard a woman screaming in the garden. Running towards the battlefield, he saw Marilyn, his wife’s best friend praying for mercy.

The burglar walked towards his new prey, Alfredo and aimed him at the heart.

 Our Italian hero threw his glasses in the air and made a quick jump onto the thief, whose attention was caught by the weird action. The witless guy was lying now on the ground, trying to free himself from Alfredo’s grab. His gun, 3 inches away from his hand, seemed too far to reach while he was gasping for oxygen.

 Seconds later, his heart stopped and blood from his mouth stained Alfredo’s shirt..

 Two hours later, the anniversary dinner was being served…in a big white hospital room! Nevertheless, Myriam was alive and ready to enjoy another year of a blissful marriage with her husband.

 As you can guess, they lived happily ever after…

 Happy Easter my beloved readers..See you soon!

 By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)