April 18, 2013

An unpredictable ending (Part 2)


Read Part 1 here

In her messenger bag she had her favorite book, the all-time classic fairy tales from Brothers Grimm. She was a teacher in elementary school and she loved reading stories to her 1st grade classmates. The mystery that these stories “exhaled” was hypnotizing her, making her mind dive into the book and feeling like she has become one of the heroes.

 Marilyn was a book lover and also a horror movies fan. Unfortunately for her, she would be a part of such a movie with an unpredictable ending a couple of hours later.

 She was really upset after calling Myriam for several times on the phone and the only answer she could get was the beep tone from her calling machine. She knew that tonight is a really special night for Myriam and her husband as it is their wedding anniversary. However, each time that their dinner was coming to an end, her beloved friend would call her in order to give some details on the present that Alfredo has brought.

 Walking towards Myriam’s house with her purple suede shoes, she had a really bad feeling for the couple. Her idea got even worse when she reached the gate of the house that was wide open. Her colorful print top wasn’t the right choice for such a windy night, while the low temperature was giving her goosebumps.

 As she was approaching the front door, she remained stunned. A man wearing a black coat and a pair of black leather boots was standing in front of her best friend threatening to kill her with an oversized knife.

Her scream echoed in the neighborhood and drew the man’s attention.

 Knowing nothing about what to do next, she started running towards the exit. The gigantic figure of the man was getting closer, making steps twice bigger than hers. With just a grab from her wooden necklace, he succeeded in stopping her from escaping. Marilyn landed on the grass, having a great pain on her neck. She started coughing heavily while the burglar was getting a gun out of his pocket.

 Her face went pale in the sight of the gun that could take her life away. Myriam who was on the other side of the garden started crying and asking for help. Then, she noticed the green vase that she had put earlier on the garden’s table. The emerald vase was light but the sharp glass of its broken pieces could make a serious damage on the man’s face. Praying for her friend’s life, she dropped the vase down, took a remnant and headed towards the enemy. Her attempt was doomed, but in fairy tales….

 To be continued..

 Stay tuned for the last part of the story!

                                                                                                                          By Tim Krag

 (product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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