October 4, 2012

“An alternative Pajama Party!”


With a slight flashback to the 80′s and an intrusion into a 13-year old’s bedroom, we would end up witnessing a pillow fight under the sounds of pop-electro music during a totally girlish pajama party.

Well, nowadays these things seem a little regressive and passé, but for Laura and her friends, Saturday night is always connected to a chatting night with  flower confetti into crown shaped bowls and chocolate fudge ice-cream for everyone.

 22:30 p.m.

 Her new floral bedding collection exhales a beautiful odor thanks to the vanilla softener that her mother uses and that’s why the atmosphere reminds us so much something from spring, now that we are in the middle of the autumn. Laura googles the words “passionate music” in order to find something wild and energetic to dance with. Her purple poppy pajamas compose the most comfortable outfit for this dancing evening.

 Helen: Tells us now, what’s new about you and Robert? Does he have a crush on you?

Laura: I’m not sure. I wish that it was true but I will never understand boys of our age. They seem pretty distraught.

While the girls are giggling as the conversation continues, the pink telephone rings so loud that the white and cherry table lamp moves from its position.

Laura: Hello? Who is it?

…. : You don’t know me but you will soon find out my identity while you will be crying for help and mercy.

A scream that provokes goosebumps to each and every part of her body comes out of her mouth.

She remains petrified looking at the phone just like her lifeless stuffed donkey.

Too many thoughts pass by inside her mind regarding her stalker and the true responsible of this obvious joke. Because it is a joke, right?

Laura without giving any explanations to her girlfriends puts on her moccasin slippers and leaves the room throwing her flower hair clips on the floor. The laptop keeps playing a latin rhythm and the girls stay clueless staring each other full of curiosity. Who was on the phone and why Laura has left the room so upset? It is really late to go anywhere and especially with her pajamas on!

It’s almost midnight actually..

To be continued…

By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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