March 28, 2013

A non-typical day at the zoo!


Spring is the season that triggers emotions and cheers up your daily mood. Every one that loves to be loved exploits its erotic nature and tries to build up a proper relationship. So does Alexandra but not with great success. Today she will get an important life lesson.

Sunny morning..Few clouds.. A perfect opportunity to take your bike instead of the car to do your shopping. Alexandra rides her sky blue bicycle towards the city centre. Her boyfriend Liam is, of course, at work. The burden of the household chores is weighing her.

 Her denim backpack contains an apricot fitness bar, her wallet and her cellphone. Nobody would imagine that the bar would be the most precious item out of the three for someone.

 Passing by the local Zoo she stops because her laces seem untied. Today she is wearing her favorite pink oxfords that offer her a comfortable footing on the pedals.

 A little creature is now watching her.

A black and white lemur having escaped from his cage during the maintenance of the facilities is trying to reach her bag.

 The light shed on the animal prevents Alexandra from being aware of his presence. She puts on her round sunglasses, thus she now perceives better the small figure. The lemur’s face forms funny grimaces that make her laugh.

 Alexandra approaches the young primate and offers him one of her hair pins. The lemur uses the pin as a proper toothpick and cleans his teeth from an avocado that devoured minutes ago. Our altruist heroine thinks that he may be hungry again and puts down her bag searching for the apricot bar.

 Her cellphone is vibrating as Liam is calling her. Alexandra is about to answer when the lemur suddenly steals the device. Panicked, the girl trades the bar with her phone. The cute creature is in front of a dilemma about choosing a shiny object or a tasteful snack. He decides that the food is more valuable and grabs it leaving the device on the ground.

 The primate runs towards his family, having two babies waiting for him. He cracks the bar and gives the pieces to the newborns. Now, he looks so satisfied, forming a peculiar smile.

 Alexandra after having witnessed the scene, she rethinks about her life priorities. Is she truly happy? Has she forgotten the joy that the smallest pleasures in life can provide? The importance of family and friends seem just a shadow of her past..

 So..An example from the animal kingdom can easily turn your world upside down, doesn’t it?

                                                                                                                                  By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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