December 9, 2014

columbia road flower market!


Have I mentioned it before? Maybe yes, maybe not but when I grow up I want to be a florist. So the flower market is probably one of my favourite places in London to study my impending profession. There is no school on Sundays but there is the Columbia Road! The street is transformed into an oasis of foliage, flowers, bulbs, herbs, shrubs, bedding plants and everything you might need for the garden. I find my spot in that scent mess to be closer to my dream job, and to be honest I won’t mind doing it forever!

columbia2 columbia3 columbia4 columbia5 columbia6 columbia7 columbia8 columbia9 columbia10 columbia11 columbia12 columbia13

coumbia14 columbia15 columbia16For more information about Columbia Road Flower Market visit their website here.

Address: Columbia Rd ,London E2 7RG Venue phone: 020 7613 0876 Opening hours: Sun 8am-3pm Transport: Overground: Hoxton/Shoreditch High St Tube: Old Street

( photograhpy Gertrude Gary Milk , post created especially for )

December 7, 2014

arts & crafts / 6: cupcake toppers!


No this isn’t a Valentine’s Day do-it-yourself! This is how we like to serve our freshly baked cupcakes, because we are that kind of girls! Arty and colourful!


If you are anything like us, and love to dress your rat race up, make these easy cupcake toppers and say hello to your friends and colleagues with a little heart!


materials: construction paper or yardstick, 2. toothpicks, 3. scissors, 4.glue, 5.freshly baked cupcakes


step by step: using your scissors cut out 10 heart depending on how many you want to make. Stick the toothpick on the back side of a paper heart and then stick a second paper heart on top of the toothpick. Place your toppers on your cupcakes and make everyone happy!


On a diet? That’s totally fine, take the toothpick heart and leave the cupcake!


photography Gertrude Gary Milk, project execution Gelly K. Rais

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December 4, 2014

me & my pet / 5


When Dolly was a tiny cute puppy, Kallia was 5 years old. From the very first time they created a very strong bond as they were the youngest members in the family. Today Kallia spends most of her time at home, playing or keeping company with Dolly.


” I think having Dolly in my life was a scoop ! She is so calm and sweet and i feel very lucky to have such a loyal friend who helps me with my homework!”


“When we feel bored or tired we take together long walks at the nearest park or we walk down to the beach! She loves to hang out with other dogs and cats and she immediatly becomes very social and energetic when we close the backyard door.”


” I have tried to train her in many ways but she sometimes gets a bit stubborn so at least I’ve given her the freedom to lie on the floor when i order her to sit! That’s ok Dolly, isn’t it? “ 

dolly6 dolly7

” I think she is going wild when she catches the scent of her baseball in the atmosphere! Nothing that complicated, I throw the ball and she brings it back, but it has to be a baseball one, otherwise she says i’m out of the game!”


” My delicacy, is Dolly’s delicacy! Tons of peanut butter on a slice of warm bread, fresh from the oven. Because she is not allowed to build this kind of habits, i eat mine sneakily.” 


“For me, Dolly is the sixth person in the house. She always livens up the atmosphere with her presence even the times she’s quiet and sleepy. That’s my dog, and i presume that’s a common feeling for every dog owner, but it’s so special that’s always worth sharing!”

dolly11  Thank you Kallia and Dolly!

photography Gertrude Gary Milk, special thanks to Gelly K. Rais

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