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9 Apr

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Starring: Gogo and her nine years old, labrador retriever, Kleo


Kleo came into Gogo’s life as a puppy folded in a red kitschy bow. Since then Gogo and her faithful companion share a pretty apartment and a life full of adventures!


Rumour has it that Kleo feels quite frequently the need to go for a walk during midnight. This quirky habit doesn’t upset Gogo who is always willing to leave her warm bed and accompany Kleo throughout her mission to find and mark the best tree spot!


When it comes to excursions both ladies are on their toes and paws! Kleo wears her straw hat, Gogo grabs her camera and they set off. A fun and unbeatable team of two!


Bibi (a nickname for Kleo) loves to follow around Gogo and learn how things operate in the house. She’s patient and obedient and believes that if she stares a croissant for hours, it will, one day, end up in her mouth!


photography by Gertrude Gary Milk, special thanks to Ralph Miliband for her valuable help

(post created especially for

colour for spring!

1 Apr


an unexpected meeting with Stella

28 Mar


It is this modern way of life that make things much easier . Given the opportunity to browse through an instagram profile you might be lucky to meet and get close to people through social media. I somehow stumbled upon Stella’s pictures on instagram and I was instantly smitten by her unique aesthetic and style.


We made our appointment on a Friday morning in a tiny classic bar. Over a cup of tea and a cappuccino, sitting into comfortable armchairs next to the bright windows we had a long, honest and lovely conversation about everything that makes us wonder.


Stella is a director, a multitasking mum, a great “capturer” of the right moment. She wears owl earrings and red lipstick. She dances on taps shoes and works endlessly. She says “good morning” to every child in the neighbourhood and wears her daughter’s handmade rings. She is a wife, an artist, a daydreamer, always inspiring and creative, and always a perfectionist.


A couple of days later she invited me at her home. A large space with windows that let natural light in. I counted a piano and two guitars, a great deal of vintage and antique finds, numerous vinyl, discs, books and frames and an atmosphere of a happy family inhabiting and reigning the place.


After a bit of chatter and a few bites of a chocolate brioche, she took us to her famous red velvet sofa. We exchanged some portraits, she played a Tchaikovsky piece on the piano and we set off to the theatre.



Stella is directing and performing in a theatre play that focuses on the relationship between mother and child and examining how her hug influences parenting and, consequently, child. Will the baby stay forever in their arms? Will the parents evolve into a vibrant photo that shows love without boundaries and will accompany it silently in the rest of it’s life?



For more information about the play visit “My mum’s great Hug” page on Facebook here

You also can take a look at the Stella’s Serefoglou work on vimeo and instagram.

(photgraphy and words by Gertrude, post created especially for

A heaven of tranquillity in India!

26 Mar


Abode Bombay is the city’s first real boutique hotel. Situated right in the heart of  Colaba , Mumbai’s most popular tourist and business district, offers a haven of tranquillity. The city is a noisy combination of colour and chaos but inside you’ll find the piece and sanctuary to enjoy a hotel room that fells like home.


“Housed in a heritage building from 1910, Abode comes with odd, artsy pieces of decor, colonial and Art Deco, hardwood and wicker furniture from the city’s second hand markets.”


“The lobby is a clean and calm public space that retains Bombay’s charm. Somewhere you can sit, relax and have a chat with other travellers and locals over a cup of chai, a home away from home. The library was inspired by the old book sellers in the nearby area of Fort, with their tiny spaces jam packed and stacked with books that can be bought by the kilo.”


“Bedroom light fittings and bed side stands have been designed in house by Young Citizens, inspired by local street hawker stands. Photographs of Bombay have been collected from friends and travellers to the city, as well as from local vintage markets.”


“Existing tiled floors on the staircase landing, with hand made ‘hotel’ light box.”


“Most of the furniture was market sourced and restored raj-era wicker furniture. They even use vintage electrical switches and second hand sari’s for some of the fabrics.”


“The entire concept of the hotel was based on the layering within the city of several historical periods. ”


For more information visit:  Abode Bombay, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharastra, India, 400001

Hotel designed by  Young Citizens

extra-ordinary design duet!

19 Mar


1.your ordinary side: (A) Serial mom and wife. 
(F) My need for affection.

2. your extra-ordinary side: (A) My will to pay the price for remaining creative and self-determined within everyday chaos
(F) In depth analysis of anything that catches my eye.


3. what do you brew in the pot?  (A) Design and never resign! (corny but true…) 
(F) My urge to communicate my thoughts and beliefs through design.

 4. had you the choice before birth would you be a man or a woman? (A) A man, no doubt.  This is (still) a man’s world!
(F) A man. Why mess with perfection?


5. your most precious possession: (A) My two families. The actual one and DEDE.
(F) DEDE, by far!

6. a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: (A) My huge morning milk cup with two spoonfuls of instant coffee.
(F) I owe nothing, not even to myself!


7. a habit that can be translated into an obsession: (A) Lots of milk chocolate with roasted almonds (the whole almond kind!)
(F) Long sunny, downtown strolls.

8. what can drive you to crime? (A) Child abuse.
(F) Given today’s situation, nearly everything!


9. a dream that visits you quite frequently: (A) I often dream that I fly above pine hills – I even feel the breeze soughing my ears!
(F) Back to school! I wake up in the middle of the night confused, wondering whether I have graduated or not!

10.what wouldn’t you  forward into  mass production: (A) Personal looks! The ability to express yourself outside the rationale of any hair, make up or fashion trends.
(F) Stereotypes, prejudices and discriminations


11.a domestic product you want to redesign /reinvent? (A +F) Alessi’s Juicy Salif Citrus-squeezer By Philippe Starck, a truly iconic domestic product, nevertheless all of the pips end up in the juice!


12.were you an industrial design product which one of the three characteristics suits more to your personality, aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality ( A) Functionality (F) Aesthetics


13. a question, you always wanted to answer: (A) Wtf? (my freaked out husband addresses the question to me, while I dance around a pile of cash, throwing money in the air- the purple ones!)
(F) Are you able or not? (challenge accepted!)


For more information about DEDE visit their website and their Facebook page.

(photography by Gertrude)