April 28, 2015

Ventiquattro, our place in Italy !


Finally we are back, officially! A bit drunk (from joy), and totally ready for new adventures! While away, we found the perfect, and our favourite so far, spot in northern Italy for the most exquisite cocktails! Ventiquattro has agreed to be our eternal getaway, for an Old Fashioned, music from their vinyls or just beers from their fridge all packed in a square “living room”, with a fireplace, yes a fireplace, and a homey familiar atmosphere.


Fede and Mattia can both create one of these fleeting moments in life with a cocktail served straight from their secret bar. Being able to feel part of their peaceful sense of intimacy during the golden hour till midnight, it was hard to leave their cosy place without a sense of nostalgia.


venti21 venti4

For the “Cunettone Spring Punch”  cockatil :

2.5 cl  ”Grey Goose” vodka

2.5 cl  fresh lemon juice

1.5 cl Creme de Cassis

1.0 cl  sugar syrup

1 peace of fresh ginger

top with gingerbeer

Put the fresh ginger in the shaker add the rest of the ingredients except of the ginger beer. Add ice and shake. Add in a glass with a ice and finish with the ginger beer. Garnish with mint and add fresh red fruits (blueberry and raspberry) .

venti5 venti6 venti7 venti18 venti19

For the “Martinez” cocktail:

1.5 cl of Cocchi Americano vermouth

1.5 cl of Avion d’or Vermouth

3 cl of Tanquerey Ten Dry Gin

one dash (5 drops) of Bookers Bitter

 Full the mixing glass with ice and add all the ingredients. Stir for 20, 25 seconds in order to make it icy and strain in an iced cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon peel and serve!

venti9 venti10 venti11 venti12
venti13 venti14 venti15 venti20 venti17

Visiting Italy or not? Follow Ventiquattro on Facebook here! Be sure to join their events too! Oh man we can’t get over it!

special thanks to Ralph, Gelly, Federico and Mattia 

photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, post created especially for teapot.gr

March 25, 2015

our trip to Andros island!


If it’s not the plane, it can be the ferry, but please no, not the car. Because when I decide to leave town for a sheer breakout, I need to pass through the air, or the sea, otherwise “relaxation” won’t easily come and visit me. As you can see this time we chose an island, miles and miles of blue sea, the Cycladic spring breeze, blooming nature, and a sun kiss!


I guess it was about time to share this post about Andros island, as you should, if you haven’t already, pick your luggage and wave bye-bye! It was a lovely experience and i hope not to sound corny, but this place is magical! Spring is an ideal season to see it blooming, open a wide airy window to the sea, feel the nature and walk its picturesque Chora. Over our three nights’ stay we got lost within the island, discovering magnificent places which we couldn’t find again unless by accident. Here are some tips that may help you if you ever take the boat too!

andros3 andros4

the accommodation : For the first time ever, we hadn’t planned one single thing for our accommodation so we were more lucky enough to find this place waiting for us. My theory of  ”the importance of white bed sheets” was cultivated in this bed, and since then i rarely chose colours and patterns to sleep on! The dawn’s delight was coming from the sea and was knocking our balcony door for a quick good-morning . Our rooms were just a few steps from Batsi Village where we were rushing for an irresistible “take-away” breakfast from the local bakery.

andros5 andros6 andros7

 the restaurant: The only appointment to keep during our trip was with this cosy restaurant in Chora. Endochora, is a small place with a small, delicious menu! Pleasant, homey decoration with tables to the paved road. Be sure to make a reservation both for a table and a strawboffee dessert!

andros8 andros9 andros10 andros12 andros26 andros14 andros15

the activities: The best way to explore the island is on foot! In this way we were able to discover the beauty hidden in every corner and explore new places out of the map. It was an epiphany to be so close to the unique nature of the island. Old watermills, windmills, traditional olive presses, and a small river to rest and enjoy an unforgettable picnic. Some of the small things that really count in life! So if you are anything like us, a bit adventurous, a bit, you can choose between a number of signposted paths otherwise ask for a tailor made walking tour. Bring your trekking shoes and a camera!

andros16 andros17 andros19 andros20 andros23

the shop: This summer concept store in Chora will definitely tempt you for some unexpected shopping. Greek designers, bright colours, lovely designs and unique patterns! I bet you won’t leave Waikiki without a bag filled with goodies.

andros24 andros25

andros27 andros28

 the cafe: This friendly place was definitely the perfect hang out spot for long lasting chit chats. If you too spend your quality time with drawing pencils and books, this cute cafe in Batsi village will welcome your artistic and creative spirit with a cup of hot tea and biscuits.

andros29 andros30



andros32 andros34

A trip full of unforgettable memories and stories! Now back to the grid till the next one!


photos and words by Gertrude Gary Milk

(post created especially for teapot.gr)