January 23, 2015

Lotte cafe bistrot in Athens!


Yesterday i had a crush. Ι was wandering around the Acropolis Museum area, when I accidentally noticed a tiny cafe, with floral curtains calling my name. Theodora was standing behind the window smiling at my very,very excited face which had just made a great discovery.


The magic of this place might be it’s miniature size, reflecting a homey atmosphere, a sophisticated aesthetics and the combination between great coffee brews, nostalgic or classical music, a colourful vintage interior, and tons of flowers in vases.

bistrot3 bistrot4

Theodora is an actress, and her cafe is the mirror of her personality and her background in drama. “Lotte” is her own world, built with love, patience and a huge support by close friends. The majority of the things inside this charming place is carefully selected by Theodora during her weekend strolls at the vintage and second hand markets. Everything is special including her floor tiles which belonged to Pireus Municipal Theatre before its restoration.



bistrot6 bistrot7

Inside, It feels more like a room for reading and cogitation, than a common coffee shop. If you leave your book at home, there will be a variety of classic novels to choose from and match your cappuccino. The coffee served is “Caffè del Doge”, coming straight from an Italian brewing company located in Venice.

bistrot18 bistrot8 bistrot9 bistrot10 bistrot11 bistrot12 bistrot13 bistrot14 bistrot15I gave myself and my personal library a promise. To wake up earlier so that I can visit “Lotte” for my morning espresso, read a couple of pages from my favourite book and start my crazy working day after this petite ritual. Our everyday life craves for quality time, and we shall be able to devote some, even if it’s sometimes as little as an espresso shot.



“Lotte Cafe-Bistrot”, 2 Tsami-Karatasou Street, Ahtens. Tel: +0030 21 1407 8639

For more information about “Lotte Cefe- Bistrot visit its Facebook page here.

 (photos by Gertrude G. Milk, post created especially for teapot.gr)

January 18, 2015

living in the kitchen


Every home has a meeting point, and a meeting room. For me is the kitchen. A landmark where we give our appointments, and the place where we start our conferences, gatherings and negotiations. If it wasn’t playing any of these rolls, it would be a cold, unfriendly room, something like the garage or the laundry. But being the core of our home, it has to have a character. It has to team up with a round table and white metro tiles ,vintage oak, open shelves, colourful ceramics, coppers cookwear sets , and herb filled pots. We live in the kitchen, don’t we?

kitchen2 kitchen3 kitchen4


one.Pendant Rustic Light from Viokef , two. Notebook Tea Towels from Αrro Home , three. Madison Tumbler from Schoolhouse Electric , four. Kaico Japanese Enamel Kettle from Poketo , five. Small Spells Dash Out Ball from Nasty Gal , six. Olice Wood Serving Spoon Set from Poketo , seven. Reactive Stoneware Espresso Cups from Urban Outfitters , eight. Mildred Oven Mitt from Anthropologie , nine. Cuisine Couture Apron from Anthropologie , ten. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook from Amazon

kitchen5 kitchen6 kitchen7 kitchen8 kitchen9

image sources: a.b.c.d.e